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Don’t be A Stranger

For Lea.

Outtake: Adam on Jaws

Mirror, Mirror (Illustrated)

LAR Episode 11 is live on Trop. Illustration by Dan Carino.

Mirror, Mirror

The Renaissance Man

The Renaissance Man (Illustrated)

LAR Episode 10 is live on Trop. Photo by Carey Haskell. 

The Chinook

Sip Tinkle Pop

Sip Tinkle Pop (Illustrated)

LAR Episode 8 is live on Trop. Illustration by Dan Carino.

How Life Advice is Transmitted

"I know my talents, and if you want to believe that they’re less than they are, why would you take advice from me? Dialogue is a two way street, and if you call me idiot, I call you idiot for listening. Of course, advice is a one way street, and not really a dialogue, so, right, that means that, if you call me idiot, I’m not actually idiot, but you still are."

- Tom Dibblee, Life Advisor.

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